Queen of Peace Monastery




Squamish Valley, BC


Project Type



Construction Type

Wood Post and Beam


The monastery, located in the Squamish Valley and surrounded by stunning views of snow-capped mountains, integrates the multitude of unique spaces required to support a deeply devoted monastic life. The architecture is inspired by monastic tradition, and influenced by contemporary culture and the context of its site. The building rises from its rocky cliff-side foundation, reinforcing its direct connection to nature. Through the use of natural light and exposure to views, nature itself is present within each space. Contemplative ambulatory walks, integral to the Dominican tradition, are designed to allow continuous flow from spacious interior cloister walks to exterior courtyards and to a network of landscaped paths beyond. The Chapel is expressed by its use of exposed heavy timber structure, recreating the dynamic of congregating below a canopy of trees. The complementary use of regional timbers and stone brings a natural warmth to the interior, inviting and intimating the sacred.









architecture + design